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Two-Headed Red Dragon

Finally, I can upload this! Art done for FFG's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Hero's Call. It's Galrauch the Great Drake. His head is somehow split into two. Galrauch from WHF Hero's Call

a decaying kind of dragon may lead to more interesting silhouettes

Artist: Pascal Quidault aka - Title: Leader of Hades Horsemen - Card: Masked King Agamemnon

ArtStation - Balmasseus, the crimson (advanced), Mike Azevedo

Balmasseus, The Crimson (Advanced): an illustration for Applibot's mobile trading card game Legends of the Cryptids. by Mike Azevedo

There’s always a bigger fish...

There’s always a bigger fish...

A Blood Knight leading a horrific army of the Undead

Blood Knights were among the most fearsome cavalry in all of the Old World, first created by the.

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Related image

Death Colossal creatures are monsters from an epic fantasy-themed online game called Rift which was released in In this game, players and monsters ar