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The Signs in Order From Most to Least Festive (Christmas) ☆☽ ησνα ☾☆

Most to least likely to display their affection in public  #Zodiac

I'm not certain what it is, but I have always been extremely reclusive in areas involved with emotions.

So if MJ is a Virgo, which he is, he isn't the king of hearts...he is the King Of Pop (and more) i am a virgo too

I like the Cheshire Cat but I think I’m more mad hatter XD

Depends on the situation. I guess that goes for pretty much all of these.

I'm a Capricorn and my best friend is a Cancer and it is so damn accurate, cause she is whiny as hell xD

Yea true I don't get hugged very often like not at all really oh well

Yea true I don't get hugged very often like not at all really 🙁oh well

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Eeewww I hate coffee

welcome to the harry potter zodiacs! discover your house, soulmate, patronus, animagus etc. through your zodiac sign. ↠ in Random [June note: the re.

Everything Zodiac here

Everything Zodiac here


I want adventure - I want to be Margo Roth Spieglman from John Green's Paper Towns