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♡ kim kai ♡

♡ kim kai ♡

Satansoo feat. his boyfriend Jongin | allkpop Meme Center

Satansoo feat. his flustered boyfriend Jongin

Satansoo overtaking Kyungsoo's body announcing to the world his malicious deeds while we have Jongin infatuated with the love of his life, demonic or not. xD <<< Oh my gosh AHAHAHAHAHA

" Jongin sweetie he's literally just biting something " hahah ... kai's like: humm that bite he takes :P  xd

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Turns out he also choreographed Wolf (Exo) and Fire Truck (NCT 127)!!

Turns out he also choreographed Wolf (Exo), Sherlock (SHINee) and Fire Truck (NCT

Omg..whoo..almost had a heart attack..oh my god I think I've been traumatized...taemin why u gotta look like a girl?? Ur lucky u have that Adam's apple otherwise u dead...


Jongin & Taemin or as other people would say, Jongin's pretty mom.

hahaha this is so me ~ xD #kai #exo

hahaha this is so me xD ~ Exo Macros Oh god, Kai is super cute!

Wooooaaaahhh! Why is it that i feel like joining a dance class every time i see him dance?

The ballet lessons. That ending pose tho hahaha JongIn