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take me home album cover shoot

take me home album cover shoot

One Direction: All Five Albums. 1. Up All Night 2. Take Me Home 3. Midnight Memories 4. Four 5. Made in the AM

One Direction: All Five Albums. Up All Night Take Me Home Midnight Memories Four Made in the AM This makes me emotional! So many memories!

One Direction | Album FOUR | Free MP3 Download FIREPROOF-----FREE SONG ONLY TODAY!!!! 9/8/14

Listen to songs from the album FOUR (The Ultimate Edition), including "Steal My Girl", "Ready to Run", "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" and many more. Buy the album for ₹ Songs start at ₹ Free with Apple Music subscription.

Take Me Home album cover!!! album set to be released worldwide 11/12/12

So Does One Direction Murder Someone in Their New Movie, or Does This Trailer Just Make It Seem That Way?

They are taking over the world, and quite frankly I am perfectly fine with it...(:

One Direction reveal album title, cover

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For 1D's New Album

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited About 1D’s New Album

PREORDER MADE IN THE A. Also, they gave us another track on the album called "Infinity" and it's on spotify if you wanna listen! >>>> this is their ALBUM

A couple of my friends who said they can't stand one direction, told me today that they actually really like fireproof! And I was like, see what I have been telling you all this time!!

One Direction im like crying so much i cant believe 4 albums thats cray O.

One Direction. This picture could quite possibly sum up the reason I love them so much. They dress cute, they're attractive and they're weird.

I love this photo! This should've been the album cover for Midnight Memories! xx ツ << the westside sign wouldn't be a good idea for a album cover lol love the pic tho!