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11/3/15 In these last two weeks Valentina and I have been working primarily on improving our arm strength. We have been using the for kilogram weights and doing reps of 10 lifts on each arm. It has been quite difficult. I'm sore four days after going to fitness. By lift seven or either of the third rep my muscles start collapsing and there are points in which I can't even lift the weights anymore. I do feel myself getting stronger, though.

fitness motivation quote - every workout counts

Oh yesss #SweetRevenge

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Workout Motivation: I have goals Damnit! Interested in more information please contact me!! TeamBeachBody.com/Patty/2014 or www.shakeology.com/patty82014 coachpatty82014@g... Instagram PATTYHALL73 Twitter PattyHall3 Facebook Patty.Hall.524

I have goals, damnit!

Workout Motivation: I have goals Damnit!

Mine is actually called "healthy lifestyle"... LOL

The truth hurts. Learn from it.sad but so true

Burn Fat

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Each workout, each day, & each meal brings you closer to your weight loss goal!

Image via We Heart It #fit #motivation #fitspo #fitspiration

Image via We Heart It #fit #motivation #fitspo #fitspiration

Not worry about pictures taken of me and how I look

i hate the worry, i don't want to be model skinny but i want to feel comfortable, other skinny woman's bodies dont motivate me because thats not how MY body is. MY body will always be different than a models.

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Be Proud!

How to Prep Food for the Week in One Afternoon

The end result isn't the only goal. The journey is also the goal. How much you learn and gain from the journey alone will help not just in this goal, but any other goal in your Degrees

Saezi Fitness (@SaeziFitness) | Twitter. Workout Motivation. #LoseWeightQuick #MenFitnessMotivation #workoutmotivationgirlinspiration

Saezi Fitness (@SaeziFitness) | Twitter. Workout Motivation. #LoseWeightQuick #MenFitnessMotivation #workoutmotivationgirlinspiration

Fitness Motivational Quotes : Weight loss motivation  #FitnessMotivationalQuotes https://quotesayings.net/fitness/fitness-motivational-quotes/fitness-motivational-quotes-weight-loss-motivation-37/

Fitness Motivational Quotes : Weight loss motivation

The feeling you get when you've lost weight. It's such a great feeling knowing your hard work is paying off! Stick with it.


Fitness Motivation : Fall in love with the process and the results will come.

21 Inspirational Weight Loss Tips You've Probably Never Tried

21 Weight Loss Tips You've Probably Never Tried (motivation for women and teens)

Lots of easy weight loss tips for women and teens! Weight loss is a mental challenge more than a physical one.

holy shit body #Femalefitness

holy shit body #Femalefitness