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Across the board, no matter what the medium, #brand consistency is the key to #success. #blu20group #swag

Across the board, no matter what the medium, consistency is the key to

This will be on my wrist very soon!     MICHELE 'Tahitian Jelly Bean' Rose Gold Watch, 40mm available at #Nordstrom

Bday gift I received from my fam MICHELE 'Tahitian Jelly Bean' Rose Gold Watch l Bloomingdales

Brilliant design. It's one shape. It was right in front of the designer and he framed it out. Sounds simple, and it is. But not everyone sees it. Ah, designer super powers with their super sight.

Swan Hotel simple elegance in identity, packaging, branding, marketing PD. I love the simple use of the "S" Excellent branding!

Ros Interior Design

Ros Interior Design

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25 Logo Designs to Inspire You

A good logo could make your website, business, product or service stand out among thousands of others. Here is our second logo design series

I like the clean look of this - I like that its lighter but still in a shape - I like the business name as the top half.

20 Vintage & Retro Logo Designs

Designspiration — SeptemberIndustry - The best in international graphic design and everything in between every week. CLASSY TYPOGRAPHY i like this logo. looks like a bike the one below. its simple but at the same time complex.

@Stephanie Close Swain – this would be perfect for your personal branding

Funny idea for a wedding invite envelope liner. Poster for The National by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes.

Shyama Letterpress Card; @Emily Brett I know it's not an alpaca but I figured I should tag you anyways haha

Business cards designed by Shyama Golden. “Your eyes are not deceiving you, those are hot pink edges on Cranes lettra cotton paper, with hand-drawn type and of course a hand-drawn llama. Beautiful one color letterpress printing done by the Mandate Press.