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This is my biggest fear at work!

Every day at work I wonder if this will be the day I shout 'shut the fuck up' out loud instead of in my head

I'm no ER nurse... but this made me laugh...

I'm not an ER nurse but I do work in the ER and this is so true

Taking the Long Way Home: Product review and a giveaway: SLS3 compression socks

To those who have done this, you'll understand the struggle! Putting Ted hose on can be a part of your exercise routine.

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For my nurse peeps: At the beginning of my shift, at the end of my shift.

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Or that I didn't give you the pain Rx in time. This is when asked what level you pain is while talking on your cell phone complaining about the nursing staff

Oh my gosh! So hilarious!

We all have that ONE coworker! Ok, how about some dilaudid, and ativan and phenobarbital and a dash of haldol? Keep the narcan and intubation kit nearby!