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#WuYiFan hashtag on Twitter

Happy WuYiFan Day (I accept him leaving EXO, but the only other board I could put him in is "Kpop", but he's Chinese, so.

Kris Wu Yi Fan

150727 Kris for Our Street Style in Paris 我们的街拍时刻

He is so softtt

Has his own style

Wu Yi Fan (EXO)

Kris Wu wae you so adorable?

giá vidatox, giá vidatox plus, vidatox có giá bao nhiêu, http://vidatoxs.com/bai-viet/vidatox-gia-bao-nhieu-28

I miss you, Kris

fangirling so hard over this screen u wouldn't even know

Miss Kris on EXO so freaking bad :(

Kris: "A kiss to all the beautiful ladies out there" ♡ XD

minyiChen☇ on

Kris: "A kiss to all the beautiful ladies out there" ♡ XD:

Perfection. The manga prince himself will be at KCON '12. #Kris #EXO #ExoM

Former EXO member, Kris.

The sarcasm is strong... Kris

The sarcasm is strong

He is soo funny. i'm so glad he is growing his hair out though

(37) Tumblr

There is a guy in my school who kinda looks like kris but with a little moustache 😹

Exo - Kris "My handsome man <3 I miss you and others miss you too."

Kris at Shanghai airport

Tencent Fation | KRIS 吴亦凡 (Wu Yi Fan) I'm sorry. I can't handle him like this. too hot too hot too much. mmuuhh ajkflhsfdyoiel

' from the story Du Bist Mein {Baekyeol} by Anna_Exo-L_Army with 216 reads. ~~~~~Am Dienstag~~~~~ Suho Pov

I'm sorry, Kris, that you chose to leave EXO ~ but I will still love both you and all of EXO

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EXO Kris

EXO - Kris - Can somebody teach me how to be a straw?