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 No matter my age..I will always love bubbles <3 jb

Floating smiles of wonderment

Artistic Water Drop  Wallpaper+

Artistic Water Drop Wallpaper+

dance-under-water-kiril-stanchev.jpg (900×726)

An oil painting on canvas of a marine life deep under the water surface of the ocean with fluorescent blue dotted jellyfishes and beautiful anemones.

1600x900px water drop pictures for large desktop by Harden Nash-Williams

1600x900px water drop pictures for large desktop by Harden Nash-Williams

Macro photography of dew on dandelions by Sharon Johnstone

Gorgeous Macro Photographs of Dew-Soaked Dandelions. By UK photographer Sharon Johnstone. Such a perfect mix of light and water, they almost look like candy. See many more images in her macro galleries. (via daily art fixx)

Sea Greens  (instagram: the_lane)

Bloom: Floating Phytoplankton Farm Absorbs Carbon Dioxide and Monitors Rising Sea Levels

I love this gradient of blues. I DON'T love aqua/teal but I love the texture of the bubbles and blues as they get darker

Like how did they approach this . What was said . Details please

Oceanographer describe the complex traits of the ocean. They research pollution and climate change and how that affects the ocean. They also look at the types of animal that inhabit the ocean.

I didn't even know bubble photography existed! Beautiful!!!

35 Stunning Examples Of Soap Bubble Photography

Tree Foregrounded in a Soap Bubble Trees reflected in a soap bubble. I'm amazed at how the tree at the top seems so foregrounded. I love the sharpness of the tree here and how you can actually see shadows on the trunk and branches.