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PORTLAND in a meme. BAHA. I belong in Portland! However, bend has plenty of em'.

hipsters & old people Omgosh, I know soooo many ppl who r into stuff that I think is so daggy. Except tea. I'm obsessed with tea! But what is it bout that stuff? Oh yeah, they weren't even THOUGHT of wen that stuff was around the first time!

Welcome to unicorn land, bitches.

Holy shit it's a fucking rainbow. Welcome to Unicorn Land bitches now take off your shoes you're tracking magic into the house.

Known for both .#neverfails

Mastermind or blundering idiot that flukes a random win every now and then. I surprise myself every day lol

It's not a unicorn. It's a horse with a sword on its head to guard my hopes and dreams. JD is funny with this whimsical quote on Scrubs.

I'm not crazy

Get off this cloud before my unicorn kicks your ass


Yes, It'd be nice if the Woman's Poem came true lol. Dont know what the rest of the Man's poem says, but I hold out hope for a man who wants me just as I am.