Tall bearded iris (Iris germanica). Old Black Magic cultivar. Pined from Stacy Miller's Flora board.

**The Magic Black Iris (Iris Nigricans).* Iris nigricans is a flowering plant in the family Iridaceae. It is the national flower of Jordan. It is endemic to Jordan and is an endangered species.

Black Iris

Iris ~ this jet-black iris (Raven Girl Black ) is the latest addition to a sixty-three year line of dark breeding, delightful bouncy ruffles grace the petals and each stem yields a magnificent buds on three branches plus a spur

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Black-flowered Siberian Iris - hardy in 3 - 8 18 inch, full or partial sun blooms in june - Pricey see White Flower Farm - Gardening For You

Une tulipe rouge

Queen of the Night (single late tulip) is a stunning dark purple tulip which almost appears black. next to the white tulip.queen of the night is my favorite

Rosa nera

Natural Black Rose ~ the Black Rose grows only in Halfeti, Turkey. Black roses are incredibly rare and although they appear black they are actually a very deep crimson color. Just Adore black roses❤️

Kalla | Aika Pihalla

Zantedeschia Schwarzwalder Lily Flower - Black Arum Lilies - Blood Red Calla Lily Love this shade

Millennium Falcon iris how could I not love this iris with this name? Besides, it's beauteous.

Millennium Falcon Tall Bearded Bloom Season: Midseason Fragrant: Yes Rebloom: No Silvery white streaks overlay the light wisteria blue standards and dark blue-violet falls of this distinctive broken color neglecta. A slight fragrance enhances Millennium


Ferraria crispa “Spider Iris” or "Starfish Iris" relatively easy to grow, spring bloomer ♥ Beautiful flowers :) garden gardening pretty cool fashion design flower

Here Comes The Night | Tall Bearded

Here Comes The Night

This pitch-black beauty, from our Midnight Revelry, is remarkable because of the sheer degree of its black color. Its most unique feature though is the unique creamy buttermilk beard.

Tall Bearded Iris 'Cowgirl In Black'. Actually a very dark indigo-purple.

Comanche Acres Iris Gardens - Gower, MO - Cowboy In Black Tall Bearded Iris

Tall Bearded Iris 'Blackwater'. The latest in the development of black irises. As close to black as you can get.


A slight mixture of purple in the standards is all that stands between Blackwater being a jet black self. The swarthy black hue permeates its velvety petals.