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La Escandella asks the government relief - claiming they are affected by the crisis in the ceramics sector. (April 18, 2012)... not something you hear from Tejas Borjas, in business for over 110 years. Wonder why?
Why trust a 25 year old company that tried to sell tiles without State certification and approval?  #Escandella #tile #clay
Announcement of public protest of alleged misrepresentations and improper marketing campaigns once engaged in by La Escandella
In 1964, they made ceramic floor tiles... Now it's roof tiles? After all, they are both made from clay material, no big deal. You'd are grossly mistaken!
Why does Spain have 4.85 million jobless... because troubled companies fire employees and suspended payments like la Escandella did to receive a bail out. #Escandella  #tile #clay
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How can a company that claims to be the LARGEST producer in the world even think of laying off 62 of their 234 employees, claiming slowdown in sales.    #Escandella #tile #clay
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GAF Roof Wizard helps you pick the color and style of roofing products available in your area.
Don't you love companies that say "Go Green"... yet this report shows they are the HIGHEST CO2 emitting plants in the Region. #fEscandella #Green