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Dead in so many ways omfg

just a book filled with super cute pearlmethyst pics and comics ♡ ak… # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Sapphire & Ruby's weapons

like, I dunno you guys but having in mind how Garnet’s gauntlets look, it make me think which kind of weapons the small mommas have, I personally think Ruby has a cute lil boxing glove and Sapphire.


Pearl met an amazing woman and never even asked what her name was. I need more episodes with these two!

We know why lion is the way he is now

I'll die if this happens.

I don't really understand it . Did a lion absorb Steven? Or did they kinda fuse?<< i think lion was actually rose

X'D I can just imagine that being sung to the toon of the theme song

The last true heroes

That's why the world believes in: Scissors Figure 8 And Flag. AND MEATBALL! >>> So wait is this what Pearl really thinks of the Crystal Gems like srsly

Steven Universe Meets Avatar

Steven Universe Meets Avatar

Steven Universe Meets Avatar, and I'm pretty sure their Myers Briggs match up. I definitely know zuko and lapis are INFP and Steven and Aang are ENFP.

Lapis's Stand: Empress Aqua

Lapis's Stand: Empress Aqua

i laugh at pearl because bird mom is cool:

XD > please someone tell me I'm not that old to realize but that's a Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy reference