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The power of Yehet<<<< The first one on the second row is the Nathaniel filter I just realized that lol


Lol the last picture look at Sehuns face on Chanyeols body 👌👌

A poem for Kyungsoo's legs...

A poem for Kyungsoo's legs xD

BAHAHAH what is wrong with this fandom. a poem for kyungsoo's legs.

Esa seria yo jajaja

Esa seria yo jajaja

Started impulsively singing "I don't need a man" in proper context during a conversation at a sleepover with friends last week. xP ~ Nobody knew what on earth I was doing.. too bad. -_- New Hip Hop Beats Uploaded EVERY SINGLE DAY http://www.kidDyno.com

Taeyang from Big Bang XD man he needs to STAY shirtless! And that's Miss A on the bottom

Chanyeol's Instagram update 1P with deer tagged Luhan(luexolu) <----That's hilarious!!

TranslateforLUHAN on

Lol...EXO Overdose fanart

just be careful EXO X'D srsly this part i just.