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Most common nuisance animal found in crawl spaces.

I have recently become obsessed with finding cute raccoon pictures to possibly paint! they are pretty cute, sneaky little furballs : )

A Bumblebee Visit by Lejonlurv on DeviantArt

This is the same bumblebee as in Let me out. I think it's a beautiful creature. and those tiny, shiny wings. A Bumblebee Visit

No Bark, No Bite, but Lots of Fluff: Meet the Poodle Moth

This is the recently discovered poodle moth photographed by taxonomist Dr Arthur Anker during a recent trip to Venezuela. Poodle moth isn't its official name though, that's just what people are calling it until it can be properly classified.


Garden tiger moth - Arctia caja The best color combinations are inspired by nature, love this. My car has all these colors!

just beautiful: A skipper or skipper butterfly is a butterfly of the family Hesperiidae. They are named after their quick, darting flight habits.

Pale Green Awlet (Burara gomata Coeliadinae, Hesperiidae) Coeliadinae is a subfamily of the skipper butterfly family (Hesperiidae) and includes the awls & awlets. by John Horstman {Pu'er, Yunnan, China}

Blue Tits by Jane Crowther. Design for Bug Art greeting cards.

My Owl Barn: Bug Art Greeting Cards by Jane Crowther