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Recordings of various dolphin species' calls

Recordings of various dolphin species' calls

Link25 (218) – The Crack On Earth’s Magnetic Shield Edition: Flip

Link25 (218) – The Crack On Earth's Magnetic Shield Edition

Japan's Jumping Pink Dolphin ~  Is One of A Kind.                 (From: The New Scientist.)

This is Angel, a pink dolphin. She lives at the Taiji Whale Museum in Japan. Why is she pink? Because she’s an albino.

Pink Dolphin October 2012 -According to NOAA, there have only been 14 recorded sightings of albino Bottle nose Dolphins throughout the world, since the first reported sighting in 1962.

9 famous albino animals

Coolest thing Ive ever seen… Pink Dolphin October 2012 -According to NOAA, there have only been 14 recorded sightings of albino Bottlenose Dolphins throughout the world, since the first reported sighting in shut up! A pink dolphin!

Just A Dolphin Playing With Some Bubbles. Like the happiest picture I've ever seen.

Just A Dolphin Playing With Some Bubbles

Forget swimming with the dolphins…The Exumas have swimming pigs! Photo courtesy of tracyzimmer98 on Instagram.

World's Best Islands 2015

Dolphins( u r exactly where you need to be  ..not a minute early not a minute late  ..appreciate all those who  swim along side  .. its a vast ocean and we all need the tide n those that care enough to say what is  n not what ud like to hear .take your time but be perfectly Aligned  to charge ahead .)

Spinner Dolphins - Kona, Hawaii by James R. I have memories of swimming with them that I will never forget! SO beautiful!

Killer whales, or Orcas (Orcinus orca) are cetaceans. They are the largest dolphins in the world, called 'whales' because of their size. Orcas have mostly black skin with white patches.They are found in all the world's oceans, from the cold of the Arctic to the tropical seas

The killer whale or orca (Orcinus orca) is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, of which it is the largest member. Killer whales are found in all oceans, from Arctic and Antarctic regions to tropical seas.

Raise your hand if you want to kiss a dolphin!


THIS IS NOT a wild dolphin. Wild dolphins would not let a human "kiss" them. Sadly this cutie is a captive dolphin, trained to perform for a dead fish :(

~~Dolphin jumping at sunset by Gail Shumway~~ Too sweet! Keep safe dolphins! <3

Dolphin Jumping at Sunset, Honduras by Gail Shumway Photography

The Panda Dolphin !!  The species is only distributed in two locations in the world..is like a miniature killer whale,but only resembles one..

COMMERSON’S DOLPHIN Cephalorhynchus commersonii ©mthalen Commerson’s Dolphin is one of four dolphins in the Cephalorhynchus genus. The species has also the common names Skunk Dolphin, Piebald Dolphin and Panda Dolphin. The dolphin is named for.

The curious liger cub who struck up an unlikely friendship with dolphins http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1202699/Beast-friends-The-dolphins-mates-liger-cub-thats-cross-lion-tiger.html

Beast friends: The dolphins who became mates with a liger cub (that's a cross between a lion and a tiger)

the reason why this dolphin looks pink is because its blood vessels were tight at birth. Also this is the amazon river dolphin. Their natural color is pink! They can only see a little bit because they are blind from the river water. This is the only dolphin to live in a river not in salt water, except for to other species of dolphins. - Stop the Dolphin Slaughter NOW

A pink albino bottlenose dolphin. The mammal is entirely pink from tip to tail and has reddish eyes indicating it's albinism. The skin appears smooth, glossy pink and without flaws. The dolphin has been spotted swimming in Lake Calcasieu in Louisiana.