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Buckle up for this one! High waisted mini skirt with adjustable faux leather front buckles and zip closure on back.

I love this app to track your diet, exercise & weight. You can have friends on there to keep you accountable, too!

MyFitnessPal - my app of choice for tracking my daily calorie intake and burn. Excellent goal setting and information management. The social component has really helped keep my on track.

Pact lets you make a weekly commitment — a bet, really — that you’ll be able to complete your workout. Otherwise, you pay up, and other Pact members reap the reward.Here’s how it works. You make an in-app commitment to work out more. Log your workouts, and your commitment money remains yours. If you use the app diligently (and don’t skip cardio classes), you can slowly earn some dough from others who’ve fallen off the path. One app reviewer earned $60 over roughly eight months — it’s not a…

5 Apps That Will Get You To The Gym

If you want to hit the gym more regularly, but you just need some motivation, we’ve rounded up five apps designed to inspire you.