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Triple Moon cast iron cauldron w/ lid 2 3/4"

This black cast iron cauldron is 4 inches tall and has a inch opening. It is adorned with a raised triple moon on the outside.

5 Cast Iron Cauldron W- Lid Pentagram

A solid black cast iron cauldron bearing the raised image of a Pentagram, on both sides of the cauldron, having a removable lid lid with top handle, and a metal

Triquetra cast iron cauldron 4 1/2"

This is one of my favorites on Wiccan Supplies, Witchcraft Supplies & Pagan Supplies Experts-Eclectic Artisans: Medium Triquetra Cast Iron Cauldron

Triquetra Cast Iron Cauldron W- Lid 2 3-4"

Triquetra Cast Iron Cauldron W- Lid 2 3-4"

Little Cast Iron Cauldron with the Celtic Knot also know as Triquetra or "Charmed" Symbol

18 Aluminum Cauldron W- Lid

The Ultimate Cauldron, large high with Lid and Handle by TheMysticsEmporium on Etsy

4 Pentagram Cauldron Resin

This pewter tone cauldron displays a raised Pentacle on two sides. It has a wire handle, three feet, and is resin NOT heat or fire safe. This is a great item fo

small Triple Moon cauldron

Small Triple Moon Cast Iron Cauldron by New Age Tiny cauldron, measures 3 inches tall by 2 inches wide. Made from cast iron. Comes with lid and carrying handle. Features the symbol of the goddess and a triple moon, on opposing faces.

Witches Cauldron with legs, lid and handles!  This makes a great and useable Halloween decoration that you can also put your dips in, make a pumpkin stew in or take car camping!  Treat this right and it will be passed down in your family through generations! Cast iron, the real deal! PartyIdeasForHalloween.com

The Official Witch Shoppe Online Shopping Ribbed Cast Iron Cauldron 3 x - Of a rather unique design, this black, Cast Iron Cauldron is a solid tool for any altar. Set upon three legs, it starts wide at its base and tapers gently to a narrower mouth.

3" Triquetra cast iron cauldron w/lid

A small pot belly cauldron that's great to keep a small amount of herb mix or incense powder near you altar or as a heat safe dish for burning charcoal or cones

3" Triple Moon cauldron w/ lid

3" Triple Moon cauldron w/ lid

This small Triple Moon Black Cast Iron Cauldron is a cute pot belly cauldron! Great to burn your spells in, for keeping a small amount of herb mix or .

Cast Iron Cauldron 3

This simple and unadorned cast iron cauldron is the perfect ritual tool for whatever magic you wish to craft.

Cast Iron Cauldron 3"

Cast Iron Cauldron 3"

I've been looking all over for this 8" Tree Of Life C...!  So happy to have it in our store! http://witchesgrass.com/products/8-tree-of-life-cast-iron-cauldron-w-lid?utm_campaign=social_autopilot&utm_source=pin&utm_medium=pin

8" Tree Of Life Cast Iron Cauldron W- Lid

Tree of Life cast iron cauldron with lid and handle, has with 3 thick legs.