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starfish turquoise in a purple sea? I love this color combination and the color of the starfish!

to the ocean

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pinterest: anakormas

pinterest: anakormas


Being the first ones out in the morning. Just you an your bud waiting for the first set of waves. So quiet.

The ocean calms my restless soul

ocean, this picture is so pretty for some reason.

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Ocean and Beach Posts


Prisms of light create rainbows on ocean waves. Rainbows in the waves are so cool to see!

You belong at the beach!

Beautiful beach house with an amazing view! on the beach summer nights and city lights Beach Grass

Love this color too!!!

water and light - wave of beauty

Crashing Waves...

i appreciate beauty. this is where i post anything that inspires me or that i find beauty in. ♥ i especially love victoria's secret models, lovey dovey photos, and pictures of yummy food (including cupcakes and sushi!

Beautiful sunset in Perendim, Albania

This is Albania,,, ✯ Beautiful sunset in Perendim, Albania


Blue, blue, blue ocean,color palette for bridesmaid dresses