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Little Brycie

Little Brycie

Witty insults from famous people.

Funny pictures about Some of the most epic burns in history. Oh, and cool pics about Some of the most epic burns in history. Also, Some of the most epic burns in history.

Florida Georgia Line - Cruise (varsity van cover) I love this!!!:)

Bet you'll find yourself smiling. Florida Georgia Line - Cruise Almost better than Harvard's Call Me Maybe - pin now, watch later. These boys are soo cute! the car was parked the whole time. Literally they sat in a parked car to film this, lol

5 Ways Having a Baby Messes With Your Brain

5 Ways Having a Baby Messes With Your Brain

Newborn Care, Having A Baby, Your Brain, Pregnancy

I need my baby to mop the floor for me....said no one ever.  Top 5 most ridiculous baby products

Top 5 (UPDATED 6) most ridiculous baby products

Baby Mop Onesie Teach them a good a work ethic while their young! With this baby mop onesie, you can save lots of time cleaning and let the baby do all the work!

haha - the best part is Robert Downey Jr's face!!

11 of the Strangest Reasons Why Kids Were Caught Crying.If I met Iron Man (in or out of costume) I'd probably cry too.TEARS OF JOY

Manliest Pacifier Ever. I love this - so funny

Funny pictures about Manliest Pacifier. Oh, and cool pics about Manliest Pacifier. Also, Manliest Pacifier.

People call me a ginger all the time even tho my hair Is red, not blond yellow

actually i think that the term "ginger" might have come from Gilligan's island. One of the characters was named Ginger and she has very red hair. and strawberry blond probably came from the pinkish tint.

Don't normally like reading the long ones, but that's funny!! This is the best…

bag piper wanted to play bagpipes for homeless mans funeral, instead played scottish bagpipes while men installed septic tanks, apparently I am still lost, says bagpiper newspaper