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I often find that I've accidentally joined the tour groups.

Especially when you're sitting around campus and a group of high school students taking a tour walk by and gawk at you, like you're some kind of mystical wild animal.<<< This is so relatable. I hate campus tour groups

It's common knowledge that those typical cereals have an insane amount of sugar in them...so I'm not surprised with this happening.

The courageous cereal war. OMG there is some weird people XD<<Don't you dare to talk shit about our brave soldiers at war

Adventures with George Washington. Pardon the language, but this post was too fabulous not to repin

Adventures with George Washington

Heard you talking crap about america son --- I LOVE sassy Washington!

Ah geek love at its best

Funny pictures about Geek love at its best. Oh, and cool pics about Geek love at its best. Also, Geek love at its best.

More like 5:30 getting ready for school in the mornings

You never realize how loud your everyday actions are until you try to do them at