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Bus stop

These swings are at a Montreal bus stop. They don't just swing they play musical notes as you swing. If all four people swing in harmony they play a tune. Great way to get people interacting!

A bus stop with swings in Montreal that make music when people move in harmony. I absolutely LOVE this!

A bus stop with swings…

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Example of walkable space in Argentina

In downtown Buenos Aires, buses have been diverted to exclusive lanes on the main boulevard 9 de Julio. About 100 blocks of once noisy and polluted roads are now fully pedestrianized streets or pedestrian-priority zones.

Ten Amazing Coincidences. Believe it?

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Rare Photos Compilation - Damn! LOL

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Bored? Here are some really interesting, yet random, facts you never knew about.

Guys guys bananas are berries and strawberries are not. MY LIFE IS A LIE *insert violent sobbing and crying here* But guess whos going to Iceland?

24 More Strange (Yet True) Facts That May Surprise you - TechEBlog

Here are some fascinating facts that may surprise you. I have a genetic mutation. and there are pink dolphins!


Just Some Facts To Broaden Your Knowledge. The penguin fact melted my heart.