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Ortelius, Antique map of Iceland, 1612 Edition - copper engraving

I have had three people ask me in the last week how I made these flowers so I thought I would share again! These old maps are beautiful and came from my MI

How to: fold paper flowers

Map portraits drawings by artist Ed Fairburn

Incredible Map Drawings by Artist Ed Fairburn

Decoupage maps to stones.

Paperweight Pebbles You will need maps.and a hot drink ( to keep you company ) choose the maps. ( paper, rather than cloth maps are best and squarer, rather than rounder pebbles ) cover the pebble and the

Artist Anne ten Donkelaar heals damaged butterflies by giving them new wings made of a variety of materials including gold, old maps, roots, threads and em

Healing Broken Butterflies

Broken butterflies repaired with new wings and bodies. “De draadspanner” — A construction of a butterfly wing with thread and pins. By Anne Ten Donkelaar, 2011

Dishfunctional Designs: How To Upcycle Thrift Shop Finds Into Trendy Home Decor

I really like this idea for an office or a library. Convert an old globe into a pendant light! Seems easy enough. Buy a lamp kit at your local hardware store, take apart a globe and drill a larger hole for the light. Put remainder of light together.

thenortheasterner:    I found this gorgeous geological map of Great Britain yesterday, I love the internet.

Geology of Great Britain. This old geological map of Great Britain shows in detail the geology of the whole island, and also the relationship of the south coast sections to this.

1801 Ordnance Survey 1" Old series

1801 Ordnance Survey Map including The Isle of Dogs, an area in the East End of London that is bounded on three sides (east, south and west) by one of the largest meanders in the River Thames.Where Lucas met his master Lord Raphael