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for real// bikes, rollerskates, farm animals at grandpas' farm, waterfights and other fun stuff// i'm so thankful i had a childhood before technology took over.

A thousand different ways on a thousand different days... woman who earned their life by living and aging with wisdom.

I am so tired of handling it all in a thousand ways.i will never be a superhero.

Words of wisdom

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at times our own Light goes out and is rekindled by a Spark from another person. Each One of us has cause to think deep Gratitude of those who have Lighted the flame within us . Gratitude for the spark within us .

Time is priceless make good use of it.

Time Is Free, But It's Priceless

Time is Free, But its Priceless. You cant own it. You cant keep it, but you can spend it. Once youve lost it you can never get it back. - Harvey Mackay ~ God is Heart

Some will...

Life is about trusting yourself and your feelings. Not being afraid to take chances. It's about losing and finding special people and learning to value all the memories you have, good or bad. Learning from the mistakes you make and accepting that certain.

When life is sweet

So True! There are always lessons in the bitter hard times and an opportunity to let go and grow. Be grateful for it all!