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popsicles - favorite summer treat

Twin Popsicles to Share.a definite summertime childhood memory! I loved twin Popsicles!

cardboard kaleidoscope - I still have mine from where I was really little, late 60s early 70s...

7 vintage toy Kaleidoscope Paperboard Tube Steven Cross unmarked & Japan ?

building blanket forts..... did this so much when I was a child, and also when my babies were little. I know that my grandsons do it as well. Good memories

The most awesome activity as a child

Do you remember building magical forts in your home as a kid? Do you help your kids create their own forts in your home today? We want to hear some of your best fort-building memories!

JEM - no one EVER knows what I'm talking about when I ask if they remember this!! Now I can prove I wasn't making up childhood memories! Lol!

I remember having a Jem doll! Jem & The Holograms.one of my favorite shows (cartoons) in the

Make a Box Styled Gimp - another childhood memory I want to pass on to my daughter.

Make a Box Styled Gimp

gimp strings - loved making keychains and lanyards out of this at summer school/camp.