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I have watched Hook 10000000 times and I don't remember that quote being in there. I love it, though.

Tinkerbelle to Peter right as he finds his happy thought. One of my favorites from the the Peter Pan Universe.

Der Steindrache by (D'A) RFakonWolf. Oder: Wenn der Geist des Steindrache aufwacht.

Now guess who's waking up. it's the Stone Dragon from Mulan! XD As kid I was really annoyed every time seeing Mushu done many rude things to this migthy look stone dragon as trying to wake him u.

Once Upon a Time - Peter Pan , est en fait , le père de Rumpletiltskin , qui a refusé de grandir et d'être responsable

Think Lovely Thoughts. "A child can’t have a child, Rumple. We both know you’re better off without me. I thought no lovely thoughts.

Oh really, you don't think I am absolutely gorgeous? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Robbie Kay!

I only know Robbie Kay as the bad guy, but.Robbie Kay for Much, everyone.

I love Peter Pan

oh, the cleverness of me (Okay! I cannot explain how awesome this actor was at portraying this evil version of Peter Pan. He made a love the character with just how evil and dark and witty he was!

Robbie Kay-OUAT as Peter Pan.

“It is a sad truth that the people closest to us are the ones most capable of causing us the most pain”

Once Upon a Time: Peter Pan...he is my favorite. No judging!

He creeps me out! Once Upon a Time: Peter Pan

Robbie Kay as Peter Pan (Once Upon A Time)

Peter Pan catching the arrow on Once Upon A Time being attractive while doing so.once again I can't help but find the villain attractive. It might also help that I've been in love with Peter Pan ever since I can remember.

Wherever there is you I will be there too | Wendy&Peter [OUAT]

Wherever there is you I will be there too | Wendy&Peter [OUAT]