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Killian Jones hijacked post.

Once Upon A Time, Killian Jones, Hook.Thank you for killing me

His arm movement when the water gets poured on him. XD I'll add something funny later. /-Pearl

He is so cute :) and I'm so happy he did the ice bucket challenge. I love him ♡

It is clearly a word

I have no idea who makes these or what the heck they have to do with Peter Pan or Once at all…but this be funny. XD <----- This seriously made me laugh out loud

But I love him any way :) ^^and he's hot in the teenager body. but its still so weird to think of him as Rumple's father http://reviewscircle.com/health-fitness/dental-health/natural-teeth-whitening

This character is an odd mix of a bad guy but when he's good he is the innocent. He is the innocent because he acts like a perfect child and hides how bad he is being a loving peaceful wall. That is how he oddly got the innocent.

Peter Pan once upon a time @Emily Schoenfeld this was the part I was telling u about when Henry was running withy that boy and then he said he was Peter Pan

Peter Pan<<< why oh why did they make Peter Pan a hot British bad boy? If they're trying to make villains they shouldn't make him hot! First Captain Hook now Peter Pan? anything can happen on OUAT people anything

Ur not rlly fam tho, so . . . .

"It's a family thing." and peter pan is part of their family. i don't think he ever knew! Peter was in Neverland all that time while that weirdness was going on at the Enchanted Forest. I still find this so funny.

This is me right now especially today because theirs a new episode!!!!

So true However, I once had the fortune for random stranger to be not only really cute, but a total fanboy. It made my life. I wish I had that kind of luck!