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A twist on the rocket mass heater...a dragon heater

Rocket mass heater - Commercially sold by Dragon heaters - captures all the heat in the "bells" and will continue heating 13 hours after the fire is out. For those with limited space with no room for a huge mass like a cob bench.

great idea to make stumps portable...stumps are heavy

Grey Room with high white ceilings, natural light, antlers over fireplace and clever tree stump table w/ castor wheels

NAYAN76 NAYAN89 « 暖炉・薪ストーブ煙突専門店|KEIDAN-憩暖(大阪)

NAYAN76 NAYAN89 « 暖炉・薪ストーブ煙突専門店|KEIDAN-憩暖(大阪)

Love the retro feeling http://sulia.com/my_thoughts/56fd57a2-1d8e-4870-9da8-547167518640/?pinner=125502693&

Voted ‘World’s most beautiful object’ in the Italian Pulchra Design Awards Gyrofocus is also the world’s first ceiling suspended fireplace that rotates Designed and made by a small company in the south of France, Atelier Dominque Imbert, this

Eco Homes & Living: Russian Stove - The Most Efficient Wood Burner

russian stove with vertical ducts More efficient than open fire place, similar to the ben franklin stove

rocket stove mass heater... course if you have your bricks already at hand... not exactly mobile, but great for a shelter area

course if you have your bricks already at hand. not exactly mobile, but great for a shelter area


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Rusted steel fireplace  http://media-cache-is0.pinimg.com/550x/d2/31/24/d231249ebf04dabed6a4b516495bacf0.jpg

25 Coolest Room Partition Ideas

I love how open this space is. With no doors in sight you get the sense that this room really ties the whole house together.

the fireplace is the focal point. There is a big contrast from the mostly white room and the dark, somewhat shiny fireplace. The partial wall behind it also frames the fireplace, making it the focal point.