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I'm about to cry…STOP HATING THE BOYS the boys r wonderful people and would never do anything wrong to hurt anyone EVER! Harry lost weight cause of fans? Louis is not being 4 ever young and so many more problems please dont fall apart

Even Trump is offended by this

Today is the day everyone call their local radio station and request gotta be you. If you have already comment below

http://@Sabbir Osmani Osmani Osmani Osmani Hafeji Malik is my Hero without him there is no One Direction, no Directioner, no Idol and Inspiration for me! His Actions are louder than everything else i love him

This Made me cry :') Zayn is perfection and has the biggest heart, and this is completely true. without him there is no One Direction. Actually, without each of them, there would be no One Direction.

Tweets about #ZaynMalik hashtag on Twitter

the tears. has anyone seen Wikipedia? It already says "Past Members: Zayn Malik" its too soon for that.


this is a lie niall loves nandos niall is irish people reallY get it right and his neautral hair color is brown he colored it geez

THIS IS SOOO SAD!!! OMG!!! One Direction, 1D, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Hazza, Harreh, Nialler, Lou, Tommo .xx

This is so sad! This will be the worst day ever! It's so sad to think about! I can't imagine them not being friends! I can't stand it! I can't imagine not having them.

This honestly wasn't okay :'( I'm seriously about to star crying!

I'm having a feels attack right now>> I wanna be with you, I wanna feels your love. wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this, eventhough I try.

Thats disappointing but guys the band didn't end. anyway bands always have and always will end and change. Zayn isn't dead guys! lol

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Management, I kind of hate you. We wanted to hear from Zayn himself, not you telling us what he and others said. That would've made us feel a LITTLE better, or at least me.