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3 Ways to Strengthen Security Without Stifling Innovation You want the masses behind your security efforts and helping the team identify the bad apples, but not stifling innovators who make a positive difference.

iPad Security Threats – Are You Protected?

ONE BAD APPLE: Tim Cook, the openly gay CEO of Apple, is a two-faced hypocrite who denies the FBI access in America to the data on the phones of murderous Muslim terrorists, while at the same time handing over Chinese iPhone user data on a silver platter to the Chinese government. If user data is so sacrosanct, why are Chinese iPhone users afforded no privacy at all? http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/apple-does-not-protect-user-data-in-china-shields-muslim-terrorists-in-america/

Apple Does Not Protect User Data In China, But Shields Muslim Terrorists In America

Wired Insider: Juking Your Facebook ‘Like’ Stats Is as Easy as Sending a Message

Juking Your Facebook 'Like' Stats Is as Easy as Sending a Message

- With my newfound courage, I crack open the scrub and brave the pungent odor. I love how the scrub feels on my scalp. I can feel it deep cleaning without being too harsh, and it lathers (that's really important to me). Thankfully, the scent begins to wear off and completely disappears once I rinse it away. I follow it with the apple cider rinse—I've gotten this far, right? To my surprise, this one also lathers. You work it in like a shampoo, not just run it through your hair as the name…

This Shampoo Smells So Bad But It Gave Me The Shiniest Hair Of My Life

Mobile App Ensures Availability of Medicines at Government Hospitals in Delhi

IBM Teams With Apple, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson to Launch A New Health Unit

John Oliver calls for increased use of police bodycams     - CNET  Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech thats taken over our lives.  Enlarge Image  Are police officers held accountable enough?                                             Last Week Tonight/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET                                          A new video seems to come out every day.  Incidents of purported police misconduct litter the web. Their accumulation appears to…

John Oliver explains the enormous problem of police accountability : More than a few bad apples.

Open Government Data Act set for progress in 2017 after Senate passage  The bill would require government data to be published in an open, machine-readable format.

Law would allow US judges to force tech companies to help police to access protected data

IB's FIX CTCI is an industry standard FIX solution for customers who can support a FIX Computer-to-Computer Interface (CTCI) infrastructure.

awesome Demo video of multiple Interactive Brokers TWS market data using Java API pushed into NOSQL Redis

In the wake of the Paris attacks, Apple, Facebook and Google, plus dozens of other global tech firms, have urged regulators against weakening encryption.

Apple, Facebook and Google warn that weakened encryption will help the bad guys

Hungry For Change DVD. Loved this movie! Shows several interviews with people who have transformed their lives and health via a change in diet. Good "big picture" film on how food really does affect your health.

Hungry For Change DVD - Available From the Food Matters Store. Can also watch on Netflix

Why I Keep Traveling by LicieOIC.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

licieoic: “ “Why I Keep Traveling” - Digital Oil Painting I really loved the Ninth Doctor’s sense of excitement over history unfolding before him. He could be broody and gruff, but he also had this.

Google CEO: Facebook doing a 'really bad job on their products' | In a candid interview, Google CEO Larry Page spoke bluntly about competitors Facebook and Apple. Buying advice from the leading technology site

Google CEO: Facebook doing a 'really bad job on their products'

The annual MediaGuardian 100 list has been announced with a change at the top.

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PiCast: The open source, Raspberry Pi Chromecast alternative

Decoding encrypted data of citizens in the name of law enforcement can open the door to dangerous behavior of bad actors, and threaten the Internet for all of us.

FBI snooping at Apple 'backdoor' makes you less safe

FBI snooping at Apple 'backdoor' makes you less safe - CNN

ONE BILLION DOLLARS TO TRY TO BUY THE ELECTION. Vote Bernie Sanders & show the world we cannot be bought in America any longer.

Koch-backed network aims to spend nearly $1 billion ahead of 2016 elections, may engage in GOP primaries

And what I've been seeing/sensing coming (for about the last six months), is societal breakdown on the back of planet degradation, financial collapse, food and water shortages.

Apple iPhone 6s – 16GB – Rose Gold (Unlocked) Smartphone – GSMKingpin.com

New Factory Unlocked Apple iPhone - - Rose Gold (Unlocked) Smartphone