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Sick Pop Culture Paintings by Vlad Rodriguez aka Pixeldomestiko

zumbis amados!

Well first and foremost I wanted to share about my No Makeup Challenge Day. One of my coworkers challenged me to wear NO makeup and I .

daryl dixon "am i the only one zen around here"? | 012d07543cedb96ca7a473e7fd30ccb3706ca3c43610f2a20c220f4926a8a9d4.jpg

Favorite character from The Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon aka Norman Reedus

Why must I always enter a freakin description!

"Meet the Han Solo of the Zombie Apocalypse." {Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead}

Stupid Lori and that Damn Kid

Stupid Lori and that Damn Kid

The Walking Dead -- Before and After ~ [ This is us EVERY SINGLE TIME and still anxiously waiting for the next episodes of season 4

The Walking Dead -- Before and After Pretty much how I feel after the mid-season finale and the mid-season premier.

Poor Carol... lol mean girls + walking dead = ❤️

Oh my gosh. This is so amazing, I might cry. Except for the fact that Rick kicked Carol out of the group. Not cool Rick.