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Wire Mesh Generator UI

Tool for create a wire mesh.

This tool was created to retopologize meshes inside 3ds Max in a fast and straightforward way.  It makes use of the Instant Meshes Library : http://igl.ethz.ch/projects/instant-meshes/  It will be able to remesh complex and heavy meshes in a short amount of time.     You have the choice to remesh your object as Tris or Quads meshes.  You can define the desired "vertex count", "face count" or "edge length" for the remeshed object.  It also includes a final "clean pass" to get rid of bad…

XRemesher was created to retopologize meshes inside Max in a fast and straightforward way.

SimplyMaps | ScriptSpot

SimplyMaps | ScriptSpot

HardMesh 2 for Maya

HardMesh Updates With New Nodes Workflow and Simplified UI - Lesterbanks

Tutorial: Reaction-Diffusion in Photoshop on Vimeo

Reaction-Diffusion can be seen anywhere in nature, from patterns on fish, coral, to zebras, and anything spotted. Doing this in photoshop is extremely easy and an…

Reveal Type in Ae With a Liquid Effect - Lesterbanks

Learn how to create this dynamic liquid looking text. A few neat tips in this weeks after effects tutorial, Dynamic Liquid Text, you can easily build it and .

Scene Generator -  transitions de couleurs, effets d'apparition

Scene Generator allows you to create your own unique scenes just by dragging and dropping items into a special scene.