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The Stranger in the Forest - Ted Nasmith

First Sight of Ithilien by Ted Nasmith

JRR Tolkien Middle-earth Ted Nasmith The Two Towers fantasy art

Turin Turambar by Ted Nasmith

Saero's Fatal Leap, by Ted Nashmith

He floated by them, and slowly his boat departed, waning to a dark spot against the golden light; and then suddenly it vanished. Rauros roared on unchanging. The River had taken Boromir son of Denethor, and he was not seen again in Minas Tirith, standing as he used to stand upon the White Tower in the morning.

At the Falls by Ted Nasmith/Media: Gouache on illustration board/First appeared in the 2003 Tolkien Calendar, published by HarperCollins.

If I had no other purposes, I should not be helping you at all. Great as your affairs may seem to you, they are only a small strand in the great web. I am concerned with many strands. But that should make my advice more weighty, not less.

Gandalf the Grey, Lucas Graciano

An Unexpected Party - Bilbo at Bag End

The Hobbit Illustrations by Alan Lee -- we all know what this is! A hobbit hole!

Riders of Rohan - Ted Nasmith

Riders of Rohan, Ted Nasmith

Il signore degli anelli: l'esercito dei morti

The army of the Oathbreakers! By Ted Nasmith

Middle-Earth: The War of the Ring - Linda and Roger Garland

Linda & Roger Garland - The War of the Ring.

The Lord of the Rings - Alan Lee Art - Attacking Helm's Deep

battle at helms deep - alan lee