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Fat Bikes on the Snow in Methow winter cold weather cycling bike snow http://www.biketalker.com

Fat bikes love the snow. drop the tire psi under 7 and let'er rip!

Fat Biking: Is it just a trend? A personal point of view.  Come And Visit Us At  - http://XtremeBiking.com

Fat Biking: Is it just a fad? A personal point of view.

Watching the birth of fat bikes in the mountain bike industry has been nothing short of breath taking. Drawing from personal experience, this fat-tired won

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Fatbiking At Iron Horse State Park In Washington

Get out this winter and explore the snow on a fat bike! The Midwest epicenter for fat biking is the college town of Marquette in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but you’ll find outfitters renting the bikes all over states like Minnesota and Wisconsin. Details: http://www.midwestliving.com/travel/around-the-region/12-ways-to-own-winter/?page=3

12 Ways to Own Winter

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Fat Biking in Alaska; The wider tires on fat bikes roll over the snow better than regular mountain bikes. The first fat bikes were made by welding the rims of three mountain bikes together.

Welcome To Alaska, Where Winter Is Cold And Bikes Are Fat

It takes a lot more than snow to keep Alaskan bikers indoors, especially now that they have fat bikes. Think mountain bike on steroids, with tires wider than mo

10 of the Best Fat Biking Trails in the US in 2015 #fatbike

10 of the Best Fat Biking Trails in the US in 2015

10 of the Best Fat Biking Trails in the US in 2015 - Singletracks Mountain Bike News

Fat tire biking at its best. #fatbike #bicycle

Riding on The Frozen Alta Lake in Whistler BC with Electric Fat Bikes

Methow Valley in Winthrop, Wash., is the nation’s largest cross-country ski area. This winter, the resort is opening some of its trails to bikes. Check out fat bikes- new thing in methow