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Don't Freak Out when an Atheist Laughs at You. Christians were Much More Abusive!

My statement

I know most of my friends and family won't accept me the way I am, and that's okay, I accept that.

Quotes and other stuff about atheism. Free drinks to the person that can prove God exists!

If you have faith, it basically means you're a gullible sucker. Sorry. - http://holesinthefoam.us/faithisnotavirtue/

Faith is Not a Virtue. Faith is Gullibility. Faith is Dishonesty. Faith is The Absence of Reason. Faith Should Not be Respected. Faith Should be Detested.

I'm not an atheist but I like the meaning of not being a jerk about beliefs

I'm not religious, but it's not that I hate religion(s) entirely. I just hate people who are assholes about it.<I won’t shit on your religion if you’re not an asshole with it

Media Tweets by Daily Atheism (@AtheistQ) | Twitter

Media Tweets by Daily Atheism (@AtheistQ) | Twitter

Okay to be fair the Bible does have some good morals but I think the bad ones definitely outweigh the good

Atheist In The Bible Belt : Photo I am not an Atheist but this makes total sense.

Believe what you want and leave me alone to believe what I want.

I'm a Christian but I have never believed that non - religious people are horrible with no morals. I've always said that I care more about a person's morality over religion. Morality and religion are NOT synonymous.

You don't need to teach this,  it's the conclusion from critical thinking.

Atheists simply say: read and study for yourself. You'll reach a conclusion based on that.