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Sasuke Naruto PS4 Console And 2 Controller Skin

Made of high quality PVC decal skin stickers for Playstation 4 console controller, Easily clean with moist cloth. No messy glue to deal with. Digitally designed and cut for a guaranteed fit.

...with all you punkasss kids around lol oh, Madara your people hate you alright.  ----------------sai

Itachi going for Sakura! where are you sasuke? Your sly brother is getting in with Sakura! ItchSaku its so funny what Deidera says because Itachi means Weasel lol

The only one who's childhood picture shows him in battle is Kakashi. My baby lost his innocence so fast....

Some of them looked so cute when they were small and some like rock lee look exactly the fucking same.is it just me or are his eyebrows thicker?

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I don't ship this but it's cute; In which Naruto refuses to believe that love is a zero-sum game, and out-stubborns Sasuke

Idk what to say... It gives the feels...

Idk what to say... It gives the feels...