Explore External Debt, No Junk Food, and more!

No stress no bombs no homeless no crime or prisons no junk food no external debt no pollution no poverty and some people call them primitive!

Applies to all sides and degrees and shades.

Words_Uncle Sam Want You To."I want you to stop being afraid of other Americans, of other religions, of other classes, of speaking out. You're Americans First. If you don't get it, ask and American who does.

Statistics on death. Vending machines? Really? I can just imagine the minister reading at the funeral," poor poor Suzy was sent to heaven last Tuesday in a horrible freak vending machine accident. I guess it ate her instead of the money or...ya know what? I don't even know...anyway she left behind 3 beloved children...and 1 unopened Pepsi.

Statistics on death.

Statistics on death. all the things that kill more people annually than sharks: deer, HS football, vending machines, falling out of bed, ants.

admiral byrd, explorer of north pole (1947) and hollow earth.

The courageous polar explorer Admiral Richard Byrd. Admiral Byrd is a direct descendant of the black swan of Westover, the Hon. William Byrd of Virginia


Ask your question, you will be an idiot for a second. Do not ask, you will be an idiot all your life.

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The Leader in Me leadership model works so well when so many other reform initiatives don't: It embodies a different paradigm. It works from the inside out. It uses a common language—The 7 Habits. The implementation is ubiquitous.

SIGNATURE NEEDED—Tell Congress and President Obama: Fracking must be banned! http://wefb.it/A08DF0

American fracking wells require 72 trillion gallons of water & 360 billion gallons of chemicals

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip- 65 years together. A true fairy tale love

The 50 Most Romantic Photographs Of All Time - this is adorable! Also, some of the other photos on this page made me cry like a baby. Worth checking out love this picture for Queen Elizabeth II.


Solution to the drinking water: The LifeStraw removes a minimum of of waterborne bacteria and filters up to of contaminated water. The LifeStraw contains no chemicals, no batteries and no moving parts to wear out.

5 reasons why Trump pick Betsy DeVos is wrong for Secretary of Education  http://educationvotes.nea.org/2016/11/30/5-reasons-trump-pick-betsy-devos-wrong-secretary-education/

Her brother is Erik Prince, who created disgraced war contractor Blackwater, bilked the Pentagon for billions during the Iraq War. DeVos is a Christian extremist looking to crush public schools and create school choice vouchers.

remain friends after breakup still in love - Google Search ...

If two past lovers can remain friends, either they never were in love or they still are. Weslee Mykel :) me & you remained best friends because we are still in love and now look we are getting married