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Doctor Who - The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) series 5


Funny pictures about Go build a cabinet. Oh, and cool pics about Go build a cabinet. Also, Go build a cabinet.

Doctor Who summed up

I love Rory <---"Bit of Earth, bit of alien. Bit of.whatever the hell that is." Doctor Who summed up in one sentence.

Companions as fairytale characters

I cannot get over how much I love this. Doctor Who companions Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Amy Pond, and Clara Oswin Oswald compared to classic fairy tale characters

River, Rory - Angels Take MAnhatten

Rewatching season 5 after Angels Take Manhattan. River seeing Rory before Demons Run, she got to see her daddy again. That and she was just born at Demons Run. It's her birthday.

#DoctorWho #FridayFun

I don't even care how this picture happened, the only thing that matters is that it's here. - The Doctor helping a fellow Cyberman patient

Doctor Who Party Fish Fingers (Cookies) and Custard Recipe | Tikkido.com

Recipe and tutorial for making a cookie version of Fish Fingers and Custard, the first food the Doctor discovered his new tastebuds liked.


O this is the best crossover EVER<< this is so weird and great at the same time!