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ah Rose Tyler c': her character is amazing!

I love and hate this. Love because it says so much about what the form chosen by the Moment meant to the Doctor. Hate because the Moment didn't chose Rose, folks, the Moment chose the Bad Wolf. It flat out said "In this form I'm called Bad Wolf.

Russell T Davies quote: Doctor Who: You want weapons? Description from quotesgram.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

"The only way to get rid of her is to send her into a parallel world from which she can never return; otherwise she would stay with the doctor forever. We can't get rid of Rose. So, lets send her parllel universe !

I'm gonna go cry now

:'( nooooo so sad. Why Dr. Why must you make me feel so sad that Rose is gone?

Yes!!! Probably every time I watch "Midnight" it's always: "Turn around!!!! It's Rose!!!" #Doctor Who  #roseandten  Rose and Ten

Yes! Probably every time I watch "Midnight" it's always: "Turn around! It's Rose!" Who Rose and Ten<< I never yelled at Dora I sarcastically responded to what she said but I never yelled at her

ya, Rose wins for sure...

I love her but yeah rose wins. by the way sorry for the curse word!

It's funny to see the Doctor getting jealous over a cat!

Funny pictures about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Oh, and cool pics about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Also, Aren't you a beautiful boy.

Willy Wonka / Doctor Who theory. Unfounded, of course, but very imaginative and smart! It's been years since I read 'The Great Glass Elevator,' but it is very Doctor Who, isn't it?

I have literally never read a Doctor Who canon that I love so much! This is a FANTASTIC theory!<--- in the episode "Nightmare in silver" the Doctor gets a golden ticket to Hedgewicks world.

Day 23: Favorite Catchphrase [New Doctor Who]: Captain Jack Harkness, "Hello... Captain Jack Harkness"

Captain Jack XD I love it, when Jack wants to introduce him to someone and the Doctor is always saying "Stop it". I love it XD

Best joke on Doctor Who

When you say "mobile phone" why do you point at that blue box? Because it's a surprisingly accurate description.