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So long ago, I barely remember!


I would love to, but "get engaged before I die" is somewhat redundant. I wouldn't get engaged AFTER I die.

ive always wanted one. hasnt happened yet =\

i've always wanted a surprise party thrown for me! (my birthday's in August hint hint)

*learn to henna

CHECK✔ I went to an Indian wedding and they were dping henna! It was soo cool, i loved it

I love when people play with my hair. @Nicole C And I low playing with your hair because you are like only one of the two people who will let me play with it.

best feeling ever <<< Unless my hair actually looks decent that day haha.' But most of the time I really like having my hair played with

Best Friends sweet 16!

Bucket list: throw someone a surprise party. This I've done! I threw my husband a surprise party for his birthday :)

Finish a whole tube of chapstick. () #beforeidie#finishawholetubeofchapsticks

finish a whole tube of chapstick! A fact : if you take acutane you use a tube of chapstick weekly.

*judging* each other and then almost drowning! Haha@ Meghan Cooper

doing handstands in the pool. have the best epiphanies doing headstands and handstands :)

Cry tears of pure joy (done) and will again. It always happens when we're truly moved by people, life, events and it is beautiful when it happens.