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I keep a nude painting of myself in my living room. Laugh if you want to. but it sure keeps company from dropping by.

Gotta love the doctor :)

Maxine: The only doctor that's ever made me feel better was named Pepper.

St. Patrick's Day with Maxine

Irish jokes and a bit o'blarney to celebrate Paddy's Day, on this page are cartoons from Maxine and Crabby Road.

This is my Mother and her good friend Karen ;)

It's time to get out the earmuffs. My ears aren't cold. I'm just tired of hearing people whine.

Just got behind an 'extreme couponer' in the checkout.  Anybody want to post my bail?

Just got behind an "extreme couponer" in the checkout line. Anybody want to post my bail? This is so me! I always end up behind an extreme couponer!

She says it as it is

“A good man isn’t so hard to find … if you read a lot of romance novels.

Parenting|Old Fashioned Yelling|-- I believe most parents of especially kids from pre-teens up, would appreciate this comic.

It's not easy being a mother these days . Texting in all caps just doesn't have the same impact as good, old-fashioned YELLING! - Maxine, words of wisdom - How to raise a modern son / daughter