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The New York Times Mentions and Big Bang’s Concerts as Two of the Best in 2012

what a cute ajumma

Okay, so we have an ajumma, a businessman, a rock star, a model and night owl.

G-Dragon, a fallen angel ; filling our hearts with music, and showing kindness to fans everywhere- D.H

The outfit itself is something I love but damn do I want those wings. [G-Dragon from BIGBANG]

BIGBANG - ‘Made’ Series Photos from Genie

This mv ripped my heart out once I looked up the translation for the lyrics and then watched the mv again

TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) ♡ #BIGBANG

TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) ♡ my photos like this wouldn't ever come out this good even if it were a photo shoot with 300 people running after me

Big Bang is making a movie for their made album

Let’s not fall in love. I’m already in love guysss.

#wattpad #de-todo Para l@s que aman a BIGBANG solo entrada VIP :333 Bigbang tus reyes :v

👑CURIOSIDADES DE BIGBANG 👑👑💗 ( Yg entertaiment) - Ramdomjwkf


My heart is breaking. I can't wait for TOP to get a huge hug from his boys when he gets home from this stressful and terrible time.

G-Dragon, BIG BANG

He's a naughty boy. Not to handsome guy, not to tall. Aaaah, I think he's so charming 😁😁


all their signatures look nice and visually pleasing. ten there’s top and seungri

BIG BANG -  Was wondering why T.O.P did not turn,  then I realized he he did. He's just wearing 17 layers of jacket, that's all...  Lol

BIG BANG - Was wondering why T.P did not turn, then I realized he he did.

TOP is just enjoying his waffle leave him alone

TOP is just enjoying his waffle leave him alone (Top Bigbang Girls)