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"WHAT we do is not of primary importance, WHY we do it is what counts."  - Thomas Campbell, My Big TOE, on motivation

➗All Black candles

black candles to light our way...but oh, where's the path?

0 black wall, black wood, black candles in a black plate


☛All Things Black☚

. ~ Ʀεƥɪאאεð вƴ ╭•⊰✿ вƴ © Ʀσxʌאʌ Ƭʌאʌ ✿⊱•╮

A very glamorous gold cup and saucer. Particularly love the reflection in this photo. But what does tea taste like in a golden cup?

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to sketch and smear and rub against paper. to turn white into dusty gray and shades of black.

Graphic and contrasting black&white has been a distinctive feature of the Scandinavian style for a long time... but not in 2016! Instead, th...

Trend 2016 - Tone on tone

String 2016 News, styled by Lotta Agaton

"When we first come in contact with our dark side, our initial instinct is to turn away and our second is to bargain with it to leave us alone. Many of us have spent vast amount of time and money in an effort to do just that." – Debbie Ford, The Shadow Effect

nero---➽ nigrum➽μαύρος➽black➽negro➽schwarz➽黑➽ أسود

The individual pieces have been designed with abstract circular square and triangular shapes with matching section-shapes for each of their handles."    Undiscovered designs will magically appear in your inbox - Check the link in bio.    #kitchenware by Takaoka-doki for TAKATAFACTORY

Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture is renowned for its craftwork with a history over 400 years, and Takaoka-doki is one of the


coco-is-haute: Black and Gold

Agencja Kreatywna Pompido

nero---➽ nigrum➽μαύρος➽black➽negro➽schwarz➽黑➽ أسود

Fiesta ☆

ゝ。Black Lion Doorknocker Decor.

Want one !!

baby raven, I& raised an orphan sparrow . if I ever find an orphan who fell out of it& nest again I hope it& a raven!


Delicacy, and even of Fragility

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Palm tree leaf - b&w photography

lollipop | b + w  In white and blue or white and yellow...  I think that candy store in Martinsville maybe could have these?


Black and white swirl lollipop

Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly

Black and white photography. by Korhan Kalabak on Fotoblur, Abstract Photography -- Black stairs