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You can do this method once a week, leave the onion on for then rinse out. The smell of Onion is SERI.

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Tiny Globe Knot - Click 'knot gallery' on menu for many knot tutorials *You Tube instructions*

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Sheath Making - How to Make Leather Knife Sheaths for Bushcraft and Hunting Knives. Leather tools, materials, supplies are covered in this leathercraft and l.

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Metal scrap, discussed in this vid, can be the source of useful material not only for decorative blacksmithing but making or repairing useful things, too

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Learn how to make a homemade cross knot zipper pull. Easy step by step instructions in this guide. This is a simple paracord proje.

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In this video, a couple of Leerburg employees demonstrate how to make a durable dog leash out of a paracord. Supplies: - Paracord (lengths vary on size of le.