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yagazieemezi: “ Here are some of Diego Ravier’s images on African albinism, after spending three months in Africa on assignment with Order of Malta, who sent him to document floods in Burkina Faso.

Would you wear this hat?  Why or why not?  How would it feel on your head?

Ethiopia - woman carrying maize / corn and grinding stone. Jeremy Curl Photography Originally shared by Aboriginal & Tribal Nation News

#Vitiligo (Not enough awareness about Vitiligo! This is not "Michael Jackson Disease" !!

(Not enough awareness about Vitiligo! This is not "Michael Jackson Disease" !

albinos of Africa - known as the 'tribe of ghosts', 'zeros' or 'the invisibles', Tanzania

The albino tribe butchered to feed a gruesome trade in 'magical' body parts

Tanzania, East Africa: Mohamed trains with the Albino United football team who play daily after when the sun starts going down so they can be outdoors without worrying about their skin getting burnt.

Approximately one person in 17,000 is born with albinism, while albino black people are even more rare.

Approximately one person in is born with albinism, while albino black people are even more rare.

Enlightenment  "The teacher imparting ancient India scriptures, Rig Vedas to the students of the 400 year old Vedic Research Center of Kerala, one of the oldest in India. The teaching is done by traditional means of chanting and actions by hand and not by books. The student’s look at the way the teacher is chanting and memorizes the method. more >>>  Location: Trissur, Kerala, India.  Photo and caption by Sreeranj Sreedhar/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

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Enlightenment Photo by Sreeranj Sreedhar/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest

albino-girl-africa--Why is it that these albinos are attacked in East Africa? In sub-Saharan Africa, people with this hereditary condition are often thought of as having supernatural powers, which makes them a target for mutilations and killings.

Life of Albinos in East Africa threatened: A most bizarre and dramatic consequence of having a skin color disease.

black and albino african women ABSOLUTELY Beautiful and proof that we come in…

A dad is a dad anywhere in the world Chulisim@s

Baby Wearing it's one of the most beautiful thing to see dads wearing their babies!

Criminal gangs nicknamed "albino hunters" and armed with machetes, knives and axes are striking fear into people living with albinism in Malawi, abducting and often killing their victims in broad daylight and in the dead of night, prompting police to announce a shoot-to-kill policy.

Malawi Albinos Hunted Like Animals By Human Poachers.

Albino girl

Reportage photo : Au secours des Albinos en Afrique

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