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Gertrude Yorkes: not totally pacifist

The religious affiliation (religion) of Gertrude Yorkes, a., Arsenic of the Runaways, a comic book character. Gertrude Yorkes is Jewish, but is agnostic.

Absolutely nothing. Totally nothing...sure.

I'm actually the opposite if people start talking about them in like ooh. My comfort place

Bildergebnis für bucky barnes ,steve rogers sam wilson running tumblr

Steve Rogers has gotten used to being chased by testy brunettes. Bucky Barnes: "STEVE NO". Peggy Carter: "The plane is the other way Steve". Sam Wilson: "I will kill your star spangled ass Rogers". The Winter Soldier: *angry soviet noises*<<<Our fandom.

Because we all know that Thor might get a bit competitive and not know the rules...

Funny pictures about Thor De France. Oh, and cool pics about Thor De France. Also, Thor De France photos.