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The change is for real

i never really watch spongebob

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I used to design my mom's minivan. And imagine what would happen if they would pimp my ride.

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My favorite kids next door character. // Man what is cartoon network now.

For real

For real

For real

For real



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Well usually the first thing people notice is the blood stain on my shirt and the bloody knife in my hand but idk

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A student's face when. the teacher calls on him to read and he's not even on the right page.

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6 callers ahead of us Jimmmy>>its jake from State Farm what are you wearing "jake from State Farm" uh khakis <<< I got you you a dollar! Oooh you gotta be quicker than that!

Yassssss!!!!!! I was on Poptropica everyday!!!

I was just thinking about this the other day! This was the beginning of my Internet addiction.I remember the times where poptropica was bae💙

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At first I'm like "they're laughing at me that's it I'm moving to Canada and changing my name to Vespa Schwartznegger and then I have to remind myself I don't give a damn