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Фуксимания : Объединяем любителей фуксий

Фуксимания : Объединяем любителей фуксий

Gorgeous Pemphis Bonsai in the BCI Convention 2016 in the Philippines. These pretty plants are native to the country and were in plentiful supply at this exhibition.

Ten Steps to Good Bonsai |

These 'creating a good bonsai' steps are best applied before acquiring a bonsai tree. However, they are still valid when refining a bonsai collection.

American Hornbeam Bonsai, Informal Upright Style (Moyogi).

American Hornbeam Bonsai in Informal Upright Style.

Massive trunk on this European olive bonsai tree

Promoting and Expanding the Bonsai Universe


European common ash~ Bonsai tree - Check out a great selection of Bonsai tree…

Bonsai root and branch network....-so beautiful, intricate-k

Bonsai showing excellent branch - root development. Many species of ficus will grow roots from their branches along with the common schefflera, as long as it remains in a humid environment.


This sweet little shohin bonsai with its unusual flowers and great little Japanese pot is a type of Ixora that belongs to Pedro Morales' cousin Carlos C. via:bonsai_bark



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