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Blue Jay~ in all his glory

"The Winter Blues" Blue jay photo by Denis Mark. I love seeing bluejays on a snowy day.

Michael L. Smith has a passion for bluebirds, and he photographs many of them near his Maryland home. During the winter, he often provides hollowed-out logs for the birds to roost and sets up his camera equipment to photograph them without disturbing them. One night in his backyard, he found 13 eastern bluebirds keeping warm.

bluebirds nesting in a log, photographed by Michael L Smith These little bluebirds are together to keep warm.

It's that time of the year... How to identify  bird eggs.  Just do not disturb the nest :)

It's that time of the year. How to identify bird eggs. Just do not disturb the nest :). Unless it's the house sparrow.

This setup of roses (a small hip variety) can be a great food source for the birds in winter. Especially robins and bluebirds.

25 Beautiful Backyard Landscaping Ideas and Gorgeous Centerpieces for Outdoor Living Spaces

If you adore roses, consider making them a focal point of your outdoor space. Climbing roses are a beautiful, elegant addition to any garden. I love roses and I also love the fence!

Bluebirds in the backyard: Let Spring Begin

Read outside, in the grass. books about adventures and friends. and I was all the time alone with the grass, feeling the scent of the book above all. so, I guess my best friends are a book and some little spot of grass.

cuadro de pajaritos junto a vela en la jaula de esther

Bluebirds in the backyard: Bluebirds and Vintage Cages