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jimin has to kiss taehyung as a punishment!

"Accidentally" did the hottest jacket flip ever..... riiiiiiiight lol Jiminie!!!!! BTS Blood sweat and tears


Jimin claims that the jacket flip was an accident, if so, let's thank fate that it did XD<<in the end we see it wasn't an accident.

Please bring BTS to the UK! (Or wherever) https://www.mymusictaste.com/artist/방탄소년단-BTS,80733/

bts quotes v - 'talking to a piece of kelp.

Haha jungkook-oppa just rejected jimin-oppa so casually

Haha jungkook-oppa just rejected jimin-oppa so casually

JIMINIE AND MOCH!! I ate a mochi its like i ate jimin i do not think that is good.


I am sexy mochi. God jimin is so frikin cute tho

BTS | JHOPE and JIMIN ~ agility like this is seldom overrated in a man..   Got7 has ruptured a few ovaries with their moves... I call it "cave woman instinct".. its in our DNA to want that bad...

JHOPE and JIMIN, the most awesome gif ever.jhope's exhale is so hot I'm gonna die

Jimin <3

박지민: is a sexy busan namja but oh man holy shit he is such a cutiepie looks like a lil boy here ♥♥