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I usually try not to pin (pictures of) half-naked men (heh) - Trust me, if I get going, it'll be bad news... but seriously, I need to work out. Ab-tastic Luke Evans. What. The. Hell.

Luke Evans Diet and Workout for The Hobbit

If Luke Evans is indeed gay then gay men are soooo lucky! I do not get that gay vibe at all from Luke Evans! I don't get it but damn he is fine!

Which Orlando Are You Talking About?

Which Orlando Are You Talking About?

Haha, first time he came on screen I thought Orlando Bloom was playing two roles. Didn't the casting department notice this? I totally thought the same thing!

Luke Evans in Tom Ford tux for Instyle Man Russia  #suits

Luke Evans, representing Wales (Actor Luke Evans by Jason Hetherington for InStyle Man Russia)

The Crossway Theatre Conpany presents Beauty and the Beast for The Late Late Show with James Corden

James Corden, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad & Luke Evans on set of Sidewalk musical.

bardbardy:  There’s not enough Luke Evans on tumblr, and I’m fixing it  6/20

"Sweetheart are you ever going to get up?" I asked walking into the bedroom. "No, you should come cuddle me my love." I chuckled and rolled my eyes. "Well thats just cheating." I said crawling in bed with him.

Never seen this one before. Love it :)

Luke Evans, Orlando Bloom & Peter Jackson aka Peter the Pink The Movie Hair and Makeup Portal’s.

Luke Evens will be the next Disney hottie for the real life adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.!!!

Simple blue suit, simple blue shirt: nothing special but Luke Evans wears it with incredible sophistication.